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Wendy Narragon

Picture 2
(with Devan)
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
(with Bill)
LOCATION: greenville, sc

BIRTHDATE: 5/25/82

OCCUPATION: hot topic



CAST: F5 aka the charming assholes

TIME AS COLUMBIA: i started playing cola when our cast first formed back in i think may 2001, but now i play janet unless we want to switch around or something

PREV. CAST(S): sins of the south, we perform every other month at the house of blues in myrlte beach, sc

OTHER: out with me in the 2nd pic is bill who played eddie that night, in the 4th pic is ruth who played mag for us that night, in the 5th picture is devan, our regular mag, and in the last pic is a little girl who dressed up and came to our halloween show in 2002, needless to say she won our costume contest ; )

(Added to site on 8/30/03)