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LOCATION: Riverdale GA (Atlanta suburb)

BIRTHDATE: February 7th 1997



E-MAIL: (dad's e-mail address)

CAST: Not in a cast...yet!



OTHER: This is my daughter. I got her and her Mama in a package deal last year, lucky fellow that I am. Robin loves RHPS and asked her Granny (my Mama) to make a costume for her. None of the kids who saw her knew what her costume was but quite a few adults recognized it and loved it.

How she got to be a fan: In my youth (late '70s/early '80s) my friends and I used to see RHPS at the Silver Screen theatre in Atlanta (pause here for respectful silence, the theatre is gone now) on a fairly regular basis. I've two posters that have been prominently displayed in my home for years, an original "Lips" and a shot from Frank's opening number where Riff, Columbia, and Magenta are grouped around Frank as he lolls back across the throne ("Bite!"). When her Mama and I were dating Robin pestered us so often about who the people were in the poster that one day her Mama sat her down and played the movie for her. Robin was four at the time. She fell in love with the music and dancing and watches RHPS as a regular part of her movie playlist. (It's a bit jarring to see her go from Barney to Rocky, I must admit.) Robin knows the words to the songs and sings along with them, she also sings them while she plays. Her Mama is a bit iffy about her singing Janet's Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch-a, Touch Me! but I figure it isn't that big a deal as long as she doesn't belt out a few bars at the mall. That might get us some looks, don't you agree?


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