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Kerri Hill
Kerri Hill

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LOCATION:Deltona, Fl aka- suburban hell hole (In-between Daytona and Orlando, basically 45 min drive from all excitement in all directions)

BIRTHDATE: January 19, 1985

OCCUPATION: Cashier @ Wendy’s (would you like to ‘Biggie Size’ that?)! and student


CAST: Unfortunally- I’ve never seen the show live- or anyone else that participates in it.. but if you live in Florida and know some boys in dresses that dig the Columbia chic, please PLEASE e-mail me! I think an October weeding will be appropriate.

COLUMBIA SINCE: made my first rainbow buster in 1997 and many have followed


OTHER: I love Columbia because I too have a ‘thing’ for boys in drag- Very Very SEXY!!! It’s gotten to the point that if your willing to put on blue eye shadow and fishnets for me- well… things have attendancy to become more interesting… My first “performance” per say was in a haunted house as “tour guide” Columbia. Favorite Columbia memory took place in the dark of the makeup room of the haunted house 1998. ;-)

(Added to site on 9/21/02)