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Jessica Kardos
Jessica Kardos

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(w/ Nathaniel Siry-Fortin)
LOCATION: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

BIRTHDATE: January 23 1977

OCCUPATION: Production Assistant/Actor


CAST: Mercy Killings

PREV. CAST(S): No (but I have performed once with the New York Cast - May 2001

TIME AS COLUMBIA: Since Halloween 1997 - 2001

OTHER: Sadly as of this year I am no longer a part of the cast and no longer playing Columbia. So my time as Columbia was from 1997-2001. Ah well, we move on...

But now I am playing a Phantom in a live production of the Rocky Horror Show that roled into to town! I am REALLY excited about this!

(Added to site on 1/2/02, updated 7/24/03)