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LOCATION: Boston Massachusetts USA

BIRTHDATE: 7/23/78

OCCUPATION: financial consultant for lowincome families in metro boston



CAST: Full Body Cast

TIME AS COLUMBIA: Fulltime: August 2002 until january 2003, now I am understudy.

PREV. CAST(S): nope

OTHER: My cast is one of the very serious ones. We have auditions, understudies, all screen accurate costumes, everything. I am actually the only one who has more than one role. There are 2 casts that switch off week to week. In one cast I play Eddie and Dr. Scott. The other I play rocky (wearing a padded muscle suit) and I am also Columbia's understudy. I just love rocky horror so much. I love the diversity, the costumes, the makeup, and turning into all of the things that I always wanted to, but was never "supposed" to. Just for one night, every week. I crave that midnite debaugary.

I have entered conventions and many have said that I am the 1st "serious" male columbia they have ever heard of.

(Added to site on 7/24/03)