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Chrys Seward
Chrys Seward

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LOCATION: Sandy Eggo, California


OCCUPATION: The worst possible. High School Student


CAST: Crazed Imaginations (soon to be at

COLUMBIA SINCE: Well, I joined cast in June to play her ASAP, but never got around to playing her until September, sadly enough. Outside of cast, though, I've been livin' Columbia ever since I saw the movie.


OTHER: Columbia's the most awesome possible character.. once you've mastered her, the rest of the parts seem easy. 'Sides, her costume is shiny and that's a definite plus. Her perkiness and cuteness factor is a lot like mine, and I've become infatuated with her ever since I saw Rocky for the first time.. Ah, yes, I've been unofficially named CI's cutest Columbia. Long story. Don't take it seriously. Even if it is true. ^.~

(Added to site on 3/16/02)